Products with the ECO LABEL label are in demand all over the world. Because ECO LABEL focuses not only on reducing hazardous chemicals or compounds, but also at the wider environmental impact of products.

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What is Eco Label?

What is ECO LABEL?

The ECO LABEL certification program is designed to create sustainable solutions based on a life cycle assessment and a common goal to reduce the environmental impact from production activities or consumption of products.

A product has to meet stringent requirements at all stages of its life cycle. In addition, these requirements need to be constantly addressed in order to create sustainable development.

What sets the ECO LABEL label apart from other similar labels is that it is an official, independent and third-party certification program.

The ECO LABEL label on a product means that this product has been approved according to a standard based on scientific studies.

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What Is Behind the ECO LABEL Environmental Label?

What Is Behind the ECO LABEL Environmental Label?

The main approach behind the ECO LABEL environmental label is life cycle assessment. During this evaluation, the processes that will cause pollution in the production and usage stages of a product are focused on and their effects are calculated.

The importance of life cycle evaluation is that it is a holistic evaluation and it considers the environmental performance of the product not only during use, but also in all processes including production, use and after-use of the product.

The ECO LABEL environmental label is recognized for products whose environmental impacts are evaluated in terms of criteria determined by national and international organizations. The use of this label is completely voluntary. Products bearing this label are more likely to be noticed in the market.

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