What are the Benefits of ECO LABEL Certificate?

What are the Benefits of ECO LABEL Certificate?

To qualify for an ECO LABEL certificate, a number of specified requirements must be met. The main criteria to be provided by the manufacturer can be listed as follows, without limitation:

What are the Benefits of ECO LABEL Certificate?

  • Presence of toxin in the product
  • Presence of artificial substances in the product
  • Atmospheric effects in production
  • Product transportation distance
  • Resources consumed in production
  • Waste generation as a result of production activities
  • Use of non-renewable resources in production
  • The amount of energy consumed in production
  • Water pollution caused during production
  • Geographical origin of the product
  • Geographical origin of the product raw material
  • Child labor in production

The five criteria that are heavily emphasized are child labor, water pollution, atmospheric effects, waste generation and energy consumption in all product categories. Of these, the child labor criterion is related to the social welfare impact category within the framework of life cycle assessment, and social welfare issues are generally considered important. The other four criteria are related to environmental health in general.

Current eco-labeling programs do not adopt the consumer approval of criteria, but the selection of certain product categories according to their perceived environmental impact. Identifying consumer preferences for one or more of the criteria mainly helps in the development and reformulation of eco labeling programs.

According to the researches, the most common advantages of having ECO LABEL certification are:

  • Developing markets that appeal to changing consumer needs
  • Promoting innovation as more sustainable products are invented
  • Establishing new value chains by establishing new production networks
  • Monitoring of environmental claims
  • Affecting consumer behavior towards more environmentally friendly products
  • Promoting economic efficiency in response to pre-defined standards
  • Providing economic support for sustainability
  • Reconsidering environmental improvement costs

The ECO LABEL environmental label is used as a tool to promote markets with specific characteristics. Such eco-labels provide information on characteristics that are normally unobservable or difficult to evaluate.

Our organization has a strong staff that closely follows the developments in the world in the field of science and technology and constantly improves itself. At the same time, it uses modern test equipment and applies test methods accepted all over the world. Within this framework, it provides ECO LABEL certification services to manufacturers.