ECO LABEL Certificate for Laundry Detergents

ECO LABEL Certificate for Laundry Detergents

In fact, all products must be produced in accordance with eco label standards. However, this system is a voluntary system and to encourage people to participate, manufacturers need to become more aware of the financial and ecological benefits of upgrading their products to eco-label standards. Likewise, consumers need to be more aware of their personal health and the environmental benefits of purchasing such products.

ECO LABEL Certificate for Laundry Detergents

The ECO LABEL certification and labeling program is becoming more and more common and fulfills its social responsibility in this area. ECO LABEL labeled products are proud to have this label and have the ECO LABEL logo in a prominent position on their packaging. This logo is a proof of how the product complies with high ecological standards.

Today, the ECO LABEL label is featured on the products of hundreds of companies and offers a large number of companies, large and small, the opportunity to document their environmental qualifications in a simple and inexpensive way that can be seen by everyone, and to increase their market potential. It is also effective in the decision-making process for consumers.

The main ECO LABEL criteria determined for laundry detergents are collected under the following headings:

  • Dosage requirements
  • Toxicity to aquatic organisms
  • Biodegradability
  • Sustainable resource use of palm oil, palm kernel oil and their derivatives
  • Excluded and restricted substances
  • Packaging features
  • Suitability for use
  • User information

For example dosage requirements According to the criteria, the degree of soiling and water hardness, the recommended total dosage for one kilogram of laundry should be given as g / kg laundry or ml / kg laundry. All products in a multi-component system should be included in the worst-case dosage when criteria are evaluated. In the case of a product name or a multi-component system, a list of all products that are part of this system should be provided, together with the recommended water hardness (soft, medium or hard) and the desired degree of contamination.

Our organization has a strong staff that closely follows the developments in the world in the field of science and technology and constantly improves itself. At the same time, it uses modern test equipment and applies test methods accepted all over the world. In this context, it provides ECO LABEL certification services for laundry detergents to manufacturers.