ECO LABEL Certificate for Shoes

ECO LABEL Certificate for Shoes

Today, the international community is more concerned about the sustainable use of natural resources. In order to protect the environment and encourage sustainable practices, eco-labeling practices, which express that eco-labeled products are environmentally friendly, are becoming increasingly common in many parts of the world. Meanwhile, eco-labeled products are expected to meet the needs of consumers, and researchers' attitudes towards eco-labeled products are examined by researchers.

ECO LABEL Certificate for Shoes

Today, at least one brand, from lip balm to dishwashing detergent, from baby textile products to tourist accommodation products, carries an eco label on it. Consumers are really changing their buying habits and tend to prefer eco-labeled products over others. Although the cost factor comes into play, an eco label in general encourages people to shift their purchasing decisions to environmentally friendly products.

In recent years, proliferation of these types of labels has been observed, and eco-labels compete to attract more environmentally conscious consumers. Today, multiple eco labels compete in the same market, and there is a wide variety of different stiffness labels.

Consequently, consumer behavioris the impact of the environment. As the number of eco labels increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to tell which ones are important from an environmental point of view.

In the ECO LABEL certification and labeling program, the footwear product line includes all items designed to protect the foot with a sole in contact with the floor. Protective shoes are also included in this group. Shoes can be made from a variety of natural or synthetic materials. However, the following products do not fall into this group: shoes with any electrical or electronic components, disposable shoes, soles and toy shoes.

Shoe products with the ECO LABEL label meet the criteria that guarantee: clear cleaning and care instructions for each product, repairing shoes for less damage to the environment rather than throwing them away, and leaving them to appropriate collection points if disposed of.

Our organization has a strong staff that closely follows the developments in the world in the field of science and technology and constantly improves itself. At the same time, it uses modern test equipment and applies test methods accepted all over the world. In this context, it provides ECO LABEL certification services for shoes to manufacturers.