ECO LABEL Certificate for Dishwashing Detergents

ECO LABEL Certificate for Dishwashing Detergents

Dishwashers are machines that are constantly used in residences and workplaces. However, the detergents used in these machines contain some chemicals and compounds, and these components mix into the waste water with the washing or rinsing water. It cannot be said that wastewater treatment plants fully capture or break down components. As such, water bodies mixed with wastewater are adversely affected. On the other hand, dishwashing agents and detergents contain certain preservatives or allergenic substances that are not used in eco-labeled products or are allowed to be used in minimal amounts if necessary, and these are dangerous for human health.

ECO LABEL Certificate for Dishwashing Detergents

One of the main components of dishwashing detergents are surfactants. These substances are mainly obtained from petrochemical products or renewable raw materials. At this point, the use of sustainably produced raw materials should always be preferred because of its positive contribution to sustainable development.

ECO LABEL environmentally labeled products use renewable raw materials that are produced under sustainable conditions in the widest possible scope during their production or that promote sustainable production and contribute to sustainable development.

The main benefit of ECO LABEL labeled dishwasher detergents is that they avoid substances harmful to the environment and health and encourage the sustainable use of renewable raw materials. Meanwhile, these products prevent packaging waste.

Detergents in these product groups take into account detergents designed and marketed for use in household dishwashers and automatic dishwashers for professional use. The product formula prevents skin irritation and prevents glass, dishes and other kitchen utensils. It can also be used for hand washing.

Some toxic substances found in conventional detergents have a negative impact on the environment. However, dishwashers labeled ECO LABEL meet minimum thresholds for critical dilution volumes, consist of biodegradable surfactants and comply with stringent restrictions.

Our organization has a strong staff that closely follows the developments in the world in the field of science and technology and constantly improves itself. At the same time, it uses modern test equipment and applies test methods accepted all over the world. In this context, it provides ECO LABEL certification services for dishwasher detergents to manufacturers.